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New Super Mario Bros. 2 hits 300 billion coins collected

Nintendo has revealed that the entire world is addicted to collecting coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The tally currently sits at 300 billion coins collected worldwide. I can't imagine where the total will be in a year from now!


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User avatar
27 Nov 2012 02:41

That's too many coins.
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 12:07

That's only a FRACTION of the people who probably have the game right now, and a smaller fraction that WANT the game (eventually will get the game). We will eventually probably reach 300 trillion.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 12:39

That's a lot of coins...

Heck, even if it was all people with a million coins, that's about 300 000 NSMB 2 millionaires...

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