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Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses creator discusses how he landed the gig

A portion of a ZeldaInformer interview with Producer and Creative Director, Jeron Moore...

ZI: How did you get chosen for Symphony of the Goddesses?

JM: I got chosen, but it wasn’t because I just got chosen out of the blue. I pitched the idea. It was something that I really wanted to do and I was already associated with another concert series with Mr. Paul entitled PLAY! A Video Game Symphony. We already had an established relationship with Nintendo with that concert. I had always wanted to do a Zelda concert. I’d been nagging Jason Paul about it for a while, and I eventually was just like, “Look, this is what we need to do,” and he was like “Okay! Put it together. Put the pitch together, put the pitch together… We’ll take it to Nintendo.”

And so, I hunkered down with my buddy Chad [Seiter]. We put in a lot of time and energy and just countless hours into how to refine this and make it the quintessential experience. We focused on what was important and pulled it together, presented that concept to Nintendo, and they were like, “This is great, but we want to do this first,” and that was the 25th Anniversary Symphony. So we put that together, and then we introduced Symphony of the Goddesses.

Full interview here

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