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“That is the first I’ve heard of it (Wii Mini). I agree that it may have been better to bring it out when the Wii was still popular, but Nintendo might have a strategy to keep the Wii alive. They apparently sold 300,000 Wiis last week globally, so the console isn’t quite dead yet.” - Michael Pachter

I'm interested in seeing if the Wii Mini makes its ways around the rest of the world. I doubt Canada is going to be the only place to get this mysterious revamp.


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27 Nov 2012 16:05

He said the opposite a week ago :/
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27 Nov 2012 16:17

If Pandora's Tower and Ikenie no Yoru don't come to America, then, YES, THE WII IS DEAD.
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:41

Pachter, the man incapable, by his own admission, of basic arithmetical skills (proof that being an analyst does not require even a primary level of education) has been dead to me for a number of months now.
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27 Nov 2012 19:46

Pachter will be (not) demanding a Wii Mini HD 4 years ago!
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27 Nov 2012 19:46

n33san wrote:If Pandora's Tower and Ikenie no Yoru don't come to America, then, YES, THE WII IS DEAD.

That's not how mass market works. It is certainly dead for core titles by now.

This Mini Wii is for the last batch of people who don't have wii sports or need a cheap and effective gift. Seems odd to push this when Wii U is fresh, just like how they were doing all those dsi/lite sales and cuts when 3DS launched.


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