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Iwata Asks: Zombi U - a few details

- the team knew that the Rabbids and their screams could really annoy some people
- this is why the Killer Freaks idea was to give players the opportunity to really trash and destroy the Rabbids
- the dev team found out this fast-paced FPS idea didn't work well with the GamePad
- that's why dev switched to ZombiU
- the team used London because it has both a modern and medieval look to it
- the devs weren't sure if ZombiU’s Survival mode could even be completed until two or three days before the game was done


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27 Nov 2012 16:38

They probably also used London just so they could use that amazing music as the intro song :D

Also, now I kinda want a ZombiU: Lisbon edition.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 19:45

I still want Killer freaks over ZombiU. Fast paced FPS don't work well with the gamepad? Bullsh*t.

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