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27 Nov 2012 19:39

Summary of the TTT2 review; "I can't change".
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27 Nov 2012 20:17

WesFX wrote:Summary of the TTT2 review; "I can't change".

More accurate summary: "I'm too dumb to hold a gamepad... hurr.. uh... Mario and Link costumes? whatever, I don't care, does anyone care? I don't... hurrr... hurr... I DON'T LIKE THE GAMEPAD, THIS GAME IS DUMB, go buy the ps3 and 360 versions, it doesn't suck there... hurrr huuuuurrr my nose, I can see it..."
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27 Nov 2012 21:46

these days just about every media outlet is trying their hand at reviewing games, for better or worse and MTV is pretty much on that edge of journalistic puke in the reviews dept. there wasn't anything in depth in this review to explain why he felt the way he did, i mean he complained for being forced into using a d-pad for crying out loud, the d-pad, the thing we all grew up with. i wasted my time with this article and wish i could take my click back (curse you RMC!)

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