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US - Nov. 2012 could be the Wii's weakest November ever

Is the Wii going to see its weakest sales month in the states since launch? With Black Friday sales coming in at 300,000, it certainly looks like that could be the case. We'll find out final sales next week, so long as Nintendo puts out a press release alongside the regular NPD numbers.


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User avatar
28 Nov 2012 05:42

A DURRRRRRRRRRRR! a third of those purchases were my old idiots thinking they were getting the new system
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 07:44

Well duh, the new system is out.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 09:13

Gee. The system is old, the new one is out. How is this news?
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 10:41

Well it is going on its 7th year, and the new system is out. XboX 360 had a great Black Friday, because Microsoft put out a good bundle, and than knock $50 off the price, and had a huge 1st Party game come out this month in Halo 4. Wii didn't have any of that going for it, so its just time for people to move on to the new system.

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