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WayForward talks unrealized sequel to A Boy and His Blob, cut Contra IV elements

The following info comes from WayForward's Sean Velasco...

- there were plans for a sequel to A Boy and His Blob
- sequel involved 2-player co-op with a girl and her blob
- the story would have also added romance
- WayForward originally wanted Contra IV to feature high fives that hit so hard that tank tops burst into flames
- they always wanted lines like "I don't know how to quit you, Bill" delivered by co-lead Lance Bean
- those ideas were transferred to Double Dragon: Neon


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User avatar
28 Nov 2012 15:40

A girl and her blob sounds dirty
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 15:44

Shame that Majesco is not focusing on games like this anymore. And ignore fans requests for another Blob game.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 15:47

LegendofSantiago wrote:A girl and her blob sounds dirty

Why would that be dirty but not A Boy and His Blob?

Also, shirts catching fire by just high fiving? Awesome.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:40

I actually wish double dragon neon would come over to the Wiiu eshop. I'm glad the high fiving got put somewhere instead of dropped completely because it is amazing
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 20:23

It's a good thing they didn't include those high-fives. If they did, we'd just have to quit and start the video game medium over; we can't possibly improve upon that.

quick edit: Didn't notice the Neon part. Gonna check that out...
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 20:26

I wish these guys would be involved in Contra V whenever the hell that supposed to actually move beyond simply being announced as it's been for the last two and half years.

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