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IGN AU unboxes their Wii U with the usual bit of snark

Yep, this is what the internet needs more of. Job well done, guys.

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User avatar
28 Nov 2012 16:42

That guy maybe shouldn't own a cat..
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 16:56

If this would have been funny it would have been fine, but when the best part of your video is a shtick that you ripped DIRECTLY from Police Squad, you done goofed.
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 17:51

Was i supposed to laugh because that wasn't funny
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:00

The video was cute because of the cat. But than I got to the end.

Maybe he needs access to Comedy Central?
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:01

I loled so hard at the end. ^_^
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:13

Only thumbing this up for the adorable cat.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 18:43

That cat is very polite. If it were mine she would have bitten and clawed me to death.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 19:32

Wow that cat can put up with a lot of crap. Well done cat.
User avatar
28 Nov 2012 19:56

So this is how Nintendo fans will get pussy…

cats. ;) :lol:
No Avatar
28 Nov 2012 20:45

The line about the cat being the first bio mechanical controller or something like that made me chuckle a little. Otherwise meh.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 02:39

My cat would tear my eyes out if I man handled him even 1/20th for as long as he handled his.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 12:46

Wow RMC, way to not get the point. This was more a joke at the fact that there are all the lolcat pictures on the internet, and due to Nintendo's internet performance in the past, a cat would make "perfect" sense to get them online.

Personally it was quite funny. And I don't like IGN.

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