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snakebyte Wii accessories compatible with Wii U

Accessories manufacturer snakebyte confirmed compatibility of Wii accessories with the new Nintendo console

A frequently asked question about the release of the Wii U is the question about the compatibility of old Wii accessories such as remotes, sensor bars or classic controllers. In recent years snakebyte has published a number of Wii products and tested them now for compatibility with Wii U. Of course all accessories work with the new announced Wii Mini.

The following snakebyte Wii products are fully compatible with Wii U:

- All cases and non-technical products

- snakebyte Wireless Sensor Bar

- snakebyte Premium Component Cable

- snakebyte Remote XS and Remote XL +

- snakebyte Motion XS

- snakebyte Motion XL+ Adapter

- Wireless and Wired snakebyte Retro Controller

- snakebyte Premium Fitness Board

All compatible products are available in stores and online, so that players around the world can continue to rely on the innovative and high quality snakebyte Wii accessories for Wii U. All future items will carry the "Wii U compatible" label, for customers to easily recognize the compatibility with the Wii U console.

In addition to the already available Wii products, snakebyte also offers Wii U specific products that are available in time for the release. The following items will be available:

- face:shield
High quality aluminum protective cover that protects against damage and fingerprints on the surface.

- silicone:sleeve
Silicone cover for the Wii U Gamepad

- screen:protect
Protective film for the touchscreen of the Wii U Gamepad

- stylus:pack
Set of four different colored stylus for the Wii U Gamepad

- guard:pack
Set consisting of a silicone:sleeve, a screen:protect and a spare stylus

- control:stand
Robust stand for the Wii U Gamepad

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