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Club Nintendo Platinum Reward - unpackaging

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29 Nov 2012 15:49

I had forgotten what reward I picked. This was it.... oh boy!
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29 Nov 2012 15:50

I think I picked the Posters...
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29 Nov 2012 16:08

I had Club Nintendo Platinum status this year, but I missed selecting my reward because the selections didn't really interesting me that much. Then I was too late to even select anything, and there weren't enough alerts to remind me. I ended up having to call NoA CS up and they sent me a download code of Majora's Mask VC instead.. but it's all good. I do wish I had chosen either these cards or the posters though.
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01 Dec 2012 03:16

After the really awesome figure, the buttons (last year), and the cards this year, aren't all that impressive. Kinda lame actually! I get that they're free, but still...kinda lame!

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