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EoD - Mario movie?

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GN Radio #35

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EoD - Renegade Kid

EoD - Instagram fun

Ctrl+Alt+Del comic - Mine's bigger

Thanks to B for the heads up!


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29 Nov 2012 15:54

And then he made me watch as he HELD the TV in front of me.
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29 Nov 2012 16:35

Little-known fact: Tim Buckley made a Faustian deal for e-fame.

Except instead of taking his soul, Mephistopheles just turns all of his comics into garbage.
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 16:43

Wii U Pad? Know the system before criticism it.................
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 16:52

Am I wrong or didn't he reboot Crtl-Alt-Delete?
Why is it still s***?
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 18:33

Oh, a penis joke about the Wii? Almost as funny as that abortion strip from a while back!
User avatar
29 Nov 2012 20:27

Six-year old puerile jokes about the Wii are SO FUNNY!

Right, guys? Guys?

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