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30 Nov 2012 10:29

Again, here's someone analytical just not taking the analysis a few steps forward.

So you have a person who sees the commercial or advertising for Wii U and comes away confused. As a tangent, these twitter posts seem to be given immortality, as if the writer is forever confused, which is illogical.

Anyway, the confused person has something very important now; an interest to know more. This is the next important step. Whether they ask on twitter, or Google it, or just pay attention the next time the commercial comes on, they're learning about the Wii U, and some are being very public about it.

The general press is positive on the Wii U, so these eager people are likely going to hear good things. Good publicity, free publicity.

It'll be very easy for this all to work in Nintendo's favor.
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30 Nov 2012 11:48

I'm glad at least one other person can think for longer than a second about the "problem".

Yes, people, many more people than 6~7 years ago use social networking stuff and start convos off with non literal questions that they could indeed search about themselves and probably do. It's just code for "So I saw this advert, it interested me so I'm twitting about it here".

Creating interest is what adverts are for. Everything starts from there. Therefore, they seem to be working very well, because the "evidence" used to show that no one knows what a wii u is, in fact shows that everyone is now learning of its existence, which is FAR more important. Once they know of it and if it interests them, the rest follows on from that naturally. You never see adverts literally describing what something technically is.

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