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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Share some Nintendo Power love

Sorry to hit you right in the feels this morning, but I felt it important. Time to open up and share your NP love! See you in a few, short hours.

No long-winded article from me on this one. I feel like that would be a waste of your time. Anything I put together could never capture the magic of Nintendo Power. What an amazing run it has been. I've been upset about the end for awhile now, but seeing the final cover from earlier tonight really hit home hard.

It's a perfect tribute for a moment I wish never happened. Regardless of all the wishing I do, the NP is still ending its run. I thought I'd use the cover reveal as an opening for you guys to share your final thoughts on the magazine. Leave us a comment below and tell us how Nintendo Power really made an impact in your gaming life, young or old.

I still remember reading issue 1 at my local library. That cover is forever burned into my memory. This one will sit alongside it, serving as a literal bookend to one of the greatest gaming mags that industry has ever seen. It's silly to think, but I really hope Nintendo Power officially comes back some day. I don't like leading a gaming life without out.

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No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 08:09

To me, Nintendo Power was like the heart and soul of Nintendo, the bridge between the corporate structure and the fans who love Nintendo gaming. It was like their voice, a voice which Twitter and Facebook have been unable to replicate thus far, despite being more or less pegged as "replacements."

I feel I have very literally grown up with this magazine, from my dad subscribing to the earliest issues to taking it on when he was done, and have very literally spent most of my life reading it, collecting it, and even writing for it. I lost much of my early collection late last year, but was able to replace most of it soon after-- something I set out to do immediately.

From Mario and Zelda to Star Fox and Super Metroid to Howard and Nester, and so much more, receiving a new issue each month was a constant delight, and it remains the only magazine I've ever held a long-term paid subscription to. Sadly, that monthly joy is about to cease.

To me, it feels like a part of Nintendo is dying, and all the worse is that-- from what we've seen-- it was Nintendo themselves who did the deed, refusing to allow it to live on.

Now and forever, deep down, I'll always be playing with Power.
No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 08:34

Except for one issue that they screwed me out of, I have just about all of them. Though, it's not a legitimate been-there-since-the-start run, since I back-ordered the first two years upon subscribing in 1990.

First Bob Barker leaves The Price is Right, now this.

As you reach that last page, where there'd always be a "Coming next issue...," and place down that final issue, you're going to need some ending music. I recommend this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSwbr0voBtM
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 10:19

Wow, those are some cool experiences, guys. I can't claim to have been an NP reader for nearly as long, starting around 2004. I didn't miss an issue from then on though, until June this year. For wahatever reason, I just didn't resubscribe. Then, only mere months later, we find that with the end of 2012 comes the end of ol' NP. Now I'm sad not only that it's ending, but that I wasn't able to share in the glory of the final 6 issues...I gotta get me a newstand copy of this last issue, at least.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 10:22

I grew up with this magazine. Every memory I have of a big Nintendo title, NP was right there alongside it to fill me in on all the details leading up to the big games releases and walk-throughs for things like the Zelda dungeons. I remember the big foldout map for A Link to the Past.

I still have my first issue in a protector sleeve and I will be buying a few copies of this one and one of them will be going right along side it. I knew this time would eventually come, but it still doesn't make it any easier. Now that the magazine is going away, so goes with it a piece of my inner child.

However, having said that, I still maintain that Nintendo Power will be back in some way, shape or form in the future. We haven't heard or seen the last of Nintendo Power! Believe that!
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 10:41

I started my Nintendo Power subscription in intermediate school I believe, when we were selling magazine subscriptions as a fund raiser.

I've had the subscription since then and enjoyed the magazine as well as the old benefits. I remember the monthly surveys that we sent in that also entered us into their sweepstakes drawings. I got a Nintendo Power shirt! And I loved getting those official Nintendo Power strategy guides from resubscribing.

I also remember their Arena section where they challenged readers to aim for the highest score or best time and send it in to be published. of the people who sent their score in, I got second (lol with about half of the score of first place) in their Ikaruga challenge. So my name got published in Issue 173, November 2003 :D
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 11:13

My history goes back so far with Nintendo Power I don't even know where to start. I was four when it came out and barely even able to read. But I would use the maps and pictures to help me get through Nintendo games while learning to read with it as well.

It's always been there for me, my boyfriend, and my little brother. Something we all shared and looked forward to every month. Here's the painting I did and hope gets printed in the final issue:

http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/1 ... a_painting
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 11:47

My only experience with Nintendo Power was when for some time the official Nintendo magazine for Latin America (Club Nintendo) would put some (translated) articles and walkthroughts from them. They were very good, far better than Club Nintendo's own stuff.

It's sad to see the real thing end before the shovel version. :(
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 12:04

Gonintendo Magazine anyone?
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 12:44

Sadly print is a dying media and NP is one of the casualties. I was a member of the Nintendo Fun Club (the newsletter prior to NP's existence) and while I don't think I have any of those around anymore, I think I still have some remnants of the first issue somewhere. I wish I had taken better care of it. But I was 6 years old in 1988, so yeah...I like the cover for this last issue. It's a fitting tribute. They should've done an old-school red cover player's guide for NSMBU or Wii U in general that came with it for subscribers too. That would've been cool.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 12:48

I've read NP for over a decade and its really sad to see the magazine come to an end.

The internet has changed the world and its become almost impossible for a print magazine to survive in this new world of instant news and chat.

NP held on as long as they could and waged a glorious battle. But when your product can no longer make a profit, the fight is over.
No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 12:49

Still have my first issue somewhere... Maybe I'll frame the first one and the last on for man-cave, whenever I get one... Truly is a bittersweet moment.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 12:51

I never even had one issue of NP but it still feels like the end of an era. Very sad to see it go.

I wish my parents had given me a sub. Then maybe I'd have tried more franchises but as it was Pokemon Starfox Mario and the spinoffs (Yoshi DKC ect) were my only 1st party games until the Gamecube. To think I was a Nintendo only gamer until this gen, yet I never tried Metroid until the GC era and Kirby/Zelda in the Wii era. Those of you who grew up with Nintendo Power should be grateful.

User avatar
30 Nov 2012 14:43

I have a lot of good memories of Nintendo Power. I remember all the speculation me and my friends had about all three of the Super Smash Bros games. I still own the Super Mario World comics and I like to look through them about once a year. Nintendo Power is what got me so hyped for the Pokemon games and its mini zines are what practically turned me and my friends into Pokemon fanatics in elementary school. I also can't forget about Nsider because even 5 years after it closed, I've still kept in contact with a few of the friends I made there. Nintendo Power is what helped me be "that guy" when it came to video games in my neighborhood and what connected me to other gamers. As said in other posts, I haven't been a subscriber since about 2007 (about the time I discovered this site) but I will still miss thumbing through the issues at the grocery store every month.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 15:11

I posted about this before, but it's worth repeating here. The arrival of a new issue of Nintendo Power was a greatly anticipated event. Back when publication started, NP only came out every other month. Around the time I expected the new issues to arrive, I would wait outside by the mailbox every day. As my mother would say, a watched pot never boils. This saying was never more true than when I waited by that mailbox. Eventually the mailman would arrive but it seemed like he never had the precious cargo I so desired. When new issues did arrive it always seemed to come by surprise. No matter what I had planned, those plans were instantly dropped so I could pour over the new issue and its wealth of news.

I kept every issue up until the point where I had to leave for college. Downsizing was a necessity and the Internet had just begun to ramp up as the go-to place for, well, everything. A year or two after the N64 came out, I parted ways with Nintendo Power. Despite the N64 being home to some of my all-time favorite games such as Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64, it was a dark time for Nintendo. It was the age of Playstation. I didn't get on board the Sony train at that time but it was clear the N64 wasn't getting the games it needed. I turned to PC gaming to supplement my ailing N64 and with interest in Nintendo waning, it was time to say goodbye to NP. My interest in Nintendo was rekindled with the dawn of the GameCube, but by then the Internet had replaced Nintendo Power.

Now that I think about it, it was never the same. No offense to RMC and GoNintendo, but there has never been a source for Nintendo news quite as magical as Nintendo Power. We live in a cynical age where many, myself included, are a bit jaded and don't look at Nintendo in the same way we did when we were children. It's like when the age of magic left Middle Earth. Now the final ship is sailing into the west. Farewell Nintendo Power.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 16:20

I just turned 25 so I wasn't really there at the beginning. I really discovered NP in the N64 era. I had their game guides for Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Mario 64. I remember they had racks (maybe the still do, IDK) of gaming mags opposite of where the video games were at places like Wal-Mart. And one particular time I was there, they had the last 6 months of back issues sitting there in the rack featuring stuff like Kirby 64 and Mario Tennis , so I grabbed them all up. I became a subscriber the year before the Gamecube came out and I have been one ever since over the last 10+ years. It was one of the best days of the month when that Mag showed up in the mail. I wish it wasn't ending. :( I still naively hope it's able to survive in some format.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 17:08

I owe two of my biggest gaming loves (Pokemon and Harvest Moon) to the pages of Nintendo Power. Had I not been a reader, I probably wouldn't have fallen into them (well, Pokemon, maybe, but Harvest Moon, probably not), so I owe that much to NP. I will always fondly remember how I scraped together pennies and quarters just to afford the subscription each year, and the joy each issue brought me. I'll remember the cool bonuses, the contests, and all the reader letters, which to me feels like the first gaming "forum" I ever came in contact with. Seeing it all come to an end is truly sad, because I feel it should have tried to live on in digital, at least. Sure, you can get more information faster online, but it just doesn't have the same charm and mystique as that glossy-covered gazette I eagerly received in my mailbox each month. Farewell, NP; I will miss you more than words can say.
No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 19:37

The news of Nintendo Power shutting down is easily the saddest gaming news I have come across in a very long time. I have been subscribed to Nintendo Power (without any interruption in my subscription) since issue number 1. And I still have every single issue of the magazine, including number 1.

It has been a part of my life since July of 1988 when I was 8 years old and my Dad surprised me with a subscription to it (he sent in the subscription card that came with my Nintendo Fun Club News magazines that I was already subscribed to).

I still remember the day that I received the first issue. It came in a large black envelope with stars all over it (like deep space), and I had no idea what it was. When I opened it, and saw that huge magazine with the words Nintendo Power on it for the first time, I was both shocked, and in awe at it. It blew away the Nintendo Fun Club News booklets that preceded it, and I had never seen such an extensive magazine that about nothing but videogames. I have been with Nintendo Power ever since, and to see it end now, is just heart breaking.

I even remember being confused as to why the cover for my first issue had Mario in claymation style, when the promos for the magazine in Nintendo Fun Club News showed the first issue cover as 2D art (same scene of Mario jumping over the mushroom with Wart trailing behind him, just drawn in 2D instead of as a clay model). I even had my Mom call Nintendo Power and ask if I received the wrong issue.

As someone who works as an art director on a magazine now, I can only laugh at my younger self for not understanding what a placeholder image is when promoting a magazine that doesn't exist yet.
User avatar
30 Nov 2012 20:08

Man, I'm a yougin' compared to you guys! I was born just after the N64 came out, so I've never really read the Howard & Nester strips or have figured out an impossible puzzle (Castlevania, I'm looking at you) because of them. However, I remember that my first introduction to them was the SM Advanced 3, Luigi's Mansion and DK64 guides. SM Advanced 3 is the only one that has survived the tests of time, unfotunately. My first encounter with the magazine itself was when I was around 10 and I saw the Sonic and the Black Knight issue at the store on the way to vacation. A good part of that car ride was spent poring over it, cover to cover. At the very end, the Next Month teaser talked about a new Wario game and E3 coverage. I didn't know anything about Wario outside of the Mario spin offs, so I was interested in that. The big thing was the E3 tease. I didn't know what E3 was at the time, so when I looked it up, I got super excited, and I've been following the magazine ever since. It's sad to see such a huge part of why I'm a gamer go, but hopefully it will return on the Wii U in some way. Reggie did say it was important to the company. I'm hoping that it will be a weekly or monthly video on the 3DS and Wii U, headed by the same writers, with The Hoff and Chris as the hosts. Well, even after I won't be able to wait by the mailbox for my favorite magazine, I'll always be playing with power. Thanks NP, for everything.
No Avatar
30 Nov 2012 23:40

Man, looking at that cover sure does make me tear up :cry:

I didn't really subscribe until around 2004 or so, but I was immediately hooked right after I read my first issue. I was always looking forward to every issue and would read them right as soon as I got one out of the mail. Its a big shame that this is the last issue, Nintendo Power might have always been behind due to the internet, but they shared everything in a way that just felt right.
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 10:22

I was 12 years old in 1988 and subscribed to the Nintendo Fun Club and NP (still have most of the NFC and all the original NP issues). Back then it was an every other month magazine and it truly was the only magazine I got as a kid. I couldn't wait to get them. I would pour over the issues sending in the cards to win a prize or being in awe (and a little jealous) of people that could post the kinda scores in games that I also played.

I stopped subscribing a few years later and then decided to start back up in 2006 to present. I still have all those issues as well.

As much as people say websites can deliver what print can I would say that is somewhat true. There is just something about print that sites will never have though. Something that can't be explained almost.

Oh well I'm rambling. I'm going to miss NP not because it was a great magazine (because it was) but because a little bit of my childhood will be gone forever. It means I'm getting old and as much as we don't want things to change in life we ultimately lose that battle.

User avatar
01 Dec 2012 12:46

I've been a subscriber since 1997. I bought the GoldenEye issue at a newsstand and then started subscribing. It helped me get through the long wait of getting my N64 that Christmas. I have really enjoyed the magazine and all the posters, contests, and free gifts over the years. It will be missed.
No Avatar
01 Dec 2012 15:30

I've been a subscriber to NP for over a decade and I'm really sad to see it go. Nintendo Power was really the only way I got game news when I was younger and I remember bringing them to school whenever I got a new one and pouring over it with my friends. Out of all the gaming magazines I have ever been subscribed to, Nintendo Power is the only one I've ever made a point of renewing every time. NP isn't just my favorite magazine, it's a huge part of my childhood. I couldn't imagine a day when Nintendo Power would no longer exist, but now that it's here I just keep thinking back to all the great memories that I have surrounding NP. It's kind of a weird feeling, and it makes me feel really old. Lol. It will be missed.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:08

I remember reading NP for the first time like it was yesterday. I was about 9 years old and was really looking forward to this new system called "Gamecube." Although I didn't start reading NP until around 2001, it still played a big part in my life until now; I found out about games I wouldn't have otherwise (Professor Layton, Hotel Dusk, Radiant Historia, 999, Gunstar Super Heroes, Astro Boy). While the Internet slowly began to chip away at my magazine reading time, NP was still there when I needed some insight or laughs. I stopped reading NP early last year, but I am definitely getting this last issue.

Until we meet again, stay gold.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 00:45

While Nintendo Power going away is disheartening, I love how their final issue is in homage to their very first issue... I'd buy it just for that.
Nice work, Nintendo.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 00:00

I've been a Nintendo Power subscriber for quite a few years and it's sad to see the final issue come in the mail :( . I did my best farewell drawing on miiverse to celebrate my joys and tears as NP fades away but not forgotten. http://i895.photobucket.com/albums/ac15 ... oPower.jpg

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