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WayForward willing to make more Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition levels

"You know it’s hard to say just yet. I mean we don’t have any plans, I should say that. Then again, we didn’t have any plans to add new levels for the first one. If it does well and people like it then yeah we’ll keep adding stuff. We can keep on adding levels if you guys want." - WayForward level designer Chris Schroder

I think it would be silly to turn down the chance for more levels. I hope we end up seeing that content!


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01 Dec 2012 03:52

WayFoward really knows how to re-release games. Easily becoming better and better with each title.
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01 Dec 2012 05:47

I just want these guys to be the ones to do Contra V. I don't want Mercury Steam doing it or anywhere near it. I mean look at how bad the delay has been for Castlevania:MOF and we don't even know if it's going to turn out well or not. I know what my gut thinks though.

I live by this simple philosophy that goes: "Stick with what works." And Wayforward + Contra IV = It worked. Their sprite work is phenomenal and with the increased power of the 3DS, Contra V would turn out great as well. So why not go with them again?
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 09:55

I'm really excited about this prospect. I loved the 3DS one, and though I'm still waiting on a release through the EU eShop for MSFHDE, the idea of new levels being added every so often is a great way to keep the game fresh and to extend it's life and popularity, so yeah. I'm all for this.
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01 Dec 2012 10:42

I wanna hear more of the remixes!

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