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Amazon.CA, Barnes and Noble cancelling Hyrule Historia Limited Edition preorders

Looks like both Amazon.ca and Barnes and Noble aren't getting Hyrule Historia limited edition copies like they thought they were. Both stores are cancelling preorders for the limited edition. B&N isn't even notifying people of the cancellation. You just have to check the status of your order on your own to find out. Thanks to all that sent this in!


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01 Dec 2012 15:40

I'm really mad I missed the Limited Edition, it would have looked great next to my hardcover Japanese copy.
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 15:42

I wasn't aware anyone else was selling it!
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 15:55

as was I, as far as I know amazon is still gonna e-mail me when it's avaliable
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 15:57

My B&N order still seems to be valid
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01 Dec 2012 17:28

my BN order is still valid too...I hope they don't cancel it, its a good price
No Avatar
01 Dec 2012 17:55

My B&N is also still valid.
No Avatar
01 Dec 2012 18:01

Wow, B&N canceled mine.
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 18:19

fuuuuuuuuuuuu- I've got to check my preorder!
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 18:22

MrMiyamoto wrote:fuuuuuuuuuuuu- I've got to check my preorder!

Looks like I got my Amazon.ca preorder in early enough, phew. That's butts for the people that preordered later, though.
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 19:37

I think i only got the standard edition, whats the difference between them?
User avatar
01 Dec 2012 22:45


Double the price for a fake leather cover and some gold coloring on the page edges. The content is identical. Both editions (standard and limited) are hardcover books.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 02:01

For $50 I could buy another Legend of Zelda game, and that's more appealing to me. To heck with this "Limited" edition :P
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 02:08

Yeah, I was having a hard time deciding whether to get the special edition or not since the price was alot higher. In the end, I just pre-ordered the normal version.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 18:32

@Autosaver@derula@Jet Pilot

Ah so its basically just like the prima special edition zelda guides. Well i didnt miss anything, thanks for the replies though guys

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