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Super Mario Miiverse

The wonderful Jeremy Parish has put together a project that involves some amazing doodles on the Miiverse. Rather than rush through the game and just scribble notes, he's taking his Miiverse opportunities to tell the story of the levels/baddies he's completed. Check out more of his work below.

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User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:06

I wish more people would have something to say before just making a random sketch. Kind of defeats the concept of Miiverse to just draw something instead of sharing an experience or giving tips.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:07

Considering you get a notification to post something every 2 minutes, a sketch is nice...
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:09

Autosaver wrote:@TheBitBlock
Considering you get a notification to post something every 2 minutes, a sketch is nice...

You can make a sketch and relate it to your experience.
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:13

What I got from the sketch

User avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:22

sketching is the best part of miiverse, also i highly recommend the rabbids land community.....
No Avatar
02 Dec 2012 22:36

Miiverse is now more of an art gallery...lol
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 23:07

Parish, eh.. is he by any chance related to the family from JUMANJI?
User avatar
02 Dec 2012 23:25

Strongly disagree. Many people convey and express their thoughts and emotions through imagery rather than words. This allows certain people to still be apart of the community, while having to communicate through words would instead isolate them. I am one of those people.

That said I do wish there was an option to post text with a drawing. However, if given the choice between one or the other, I will draw something almost every time. That's simply the way I like to communicate.

Everyone interacting the same specific way without distinction between one another is what would defeat the purpose of Miiverse. The variety of posts should be a reflection of the different personalities that congregate there. Experiences and tips are simply not enough.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 00:57

If I could, I would "Yeah" your post! xD
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 00:58


My point is that people are merely drawing Mario or some character that isn't expressing any thought about what they're doing in the game. A simple drawing of mario isn't really sharing with me anything about their experiences. I'm ALL for drawing something and having it relate to what happened to you in the game, in fact that's what I usually do. It's these people who just sit there for 45 minutes making an amazing sketch that has nothing to do with anything. Have a thought directly related to the experience you're currently having in the game or application, THEN make a sketch.

I enjoy text Miiverse messages more than a lot of the well drawn images because at least the text usually says stuff like "OH man those Hammer Bros are killing me in this stage!" or "I have such a hard time holding on to Baby Yoshi!" Now if the player wants to write that AND draw a photo related to it - that's Miiverse gold. :)
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 04:32

Miiverse has reminded me that I like to doodle and should do it more often.

IF Nintendo do a Art Academy style game for the WiiU then I'm sold on it already. Maybe I'll even pick up the 3DS version in the meantime.
No Avatar
03 Dec 2012 06:30

Jeremy Parish is a great game journalist, my favourite right now.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 06:42

This is what I like about Miiverse. People have tons of ways to express their selves and not necessarily have to post a tutorial every second, you have different personalities there, people that express their feelings about the game. And that also catches people, and makes them think on buying that game so they can also express their selves within the community (though that's not that concrete, but it can certainly happens). It really gives people different ways to interact, and also it's fun to see people posting this kind of stuff, since you can see post from all over the world with just one click, doodling and sketching comes in handy when trying to express something in different languages. Also, if you are stuck and need help in a game (which is the concept why Miiverse was created) you just have to ask something in the community and you'll receive feedback. People is always willing to help. What I also like is that it's really hard to see any penises and crap like that, so I have no problems if my little sister starts to check out and read what people say.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 08:33

I have full intent to do nothing but draw things related to what I am doing in games once I have a Wii U.

All draw all the time.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 08:37

Sketching is what I find most interesting about MiiVerse.
No Avatar
03 Dec 2012 13:35

As an illustrator, I think it's a great idea to let people have freedom in a way of expressing themselves. Sometime a I'd rather draw a quick pic, then type out my limit of 100 words. I for one think the miiverse is a great place with a very friendly and helpful atmosphere. I didn't have Internet for 4 days and it felt like my WiiU experience was missing a huge piece. ZombiU is just THAT much better when you see a friends zombie with a loaded backpack chilling in the corner.. Adds a whole new level to the game.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 16:05

I prefer the sketches, it's a lot more fun and interesting to look at then "There's a secret 1-up two blocks from the left on this level" and "the boss' weak point is it's tail!"
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 01:48

i'll definitely take the sketches over people's horrible hand written messages and also, draw whatever you darn please, gaming related or not, its all for fun not some made up miiverse ediquette. especially the rabids community lol, i can't get enough of dafoe

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