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German version of ZombiU blocks Miiverse screenshots

Our poor German Wii U owners. If they are playing the German version of ZombiU, they are unable to post screenshots to the Miiverse. It seems that the Miiverse Community doesn't recognize the German Version of ZombiU, which means screenshots can't be posted. Sounds like something that could be patched, so let's hope that's what happens! Thanks to Fuxfux for the heads up.

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03 Dec 2012 15:01

The game is rated 18+ right? I would say that is not a bug. It's intentionally and typical here in Germany...
"Uhh it's only for 18 and older? We can't show that...Bla bla bla."
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 15:01

I don't think that is a glitch. It is most likely them using censorship.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 15:13

it's apparently not blocked here in austria which means we do not share germanys wii u servers(or something like that).
thank god :)
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 15:31

I think it's the same for Black Ops, but I'm not sure.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 16:44

When i look at my Friends List what my pals are playing, i see "Currently playing ???", and i know they are playing ZombiU...
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 07:51

I'm so glad I don't live in Germany. So much shovel going on with media.

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