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Scribblenauts Unlimited - review

A portion of a Eurogamer review...

It's still rife with warmth, humour and creativity, and the Wii U's TV support transforms the solitary snickering of previous Scribblenauts into a party game that's especially well suited to the young or inebriated. For this reason alone, I could see it becoming a worthwhile purchase from a clearance bin - but if it were chucked into a cornfield I wouldn't miss it.

Full review here

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03 Dec 2012 17:11

a well-written review, not that fanboys will realise
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 17:20

I bought Scribblenauts Remix for 1 dollar on the iOS store. It contains over 50 levels and HD graphics.

So why is this selling for $59.99 with the PC being $29.99? The game should have sold for $39.99 at launch.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 20:13

Reading the reviews, the few who have given it lower scores were looking for something more in the game. Essentially it does not appear that they want games without defined long-term missions. Also, it appears that those reviewers think that a console game needs to be different than a handheld game. Finally, many of the negative reviews (especially Eurogamer and Destuctoid) tried to be clever but ended up seeming daft and biased.

Mike from Morgantown

PS -- I would not have paid $60 for it. Glad I got it for $40. Hard to see why it was worth 50% more on the WiiU (other than NIntendo characters).

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