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UK - Get stuck in and claim your free limited edition Paper Mario: Sticker Star sticker book

The Sticker Comet has exploded, the Royal Stickers have been scattered and and Bowser's wreaking havoc (again!), so it's time to call on everyone's favourite paper-thin hero: Mario! Join him as he uses Stickers to flatten troublesome minions, turns mysterious Things into powerful Stickers with magical effects and uses the new Paperise power to save the Mushroom Kingdom when Paper Mario: Sticker Star comes exclusively to Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

There's also a special bonus in store for Club Nintendo members across Europe who register their game after launch; those who do will be eligible to claim a free Paper Mario: Sticker Star sticker book! This special limited edition gift – of which there are only 10,000 pieces – will be available while stocks last.

Registration for this creative Paper Mario-themed gift will open at 8am (UK time) on 7th December. Packed with stickers of your favourite Mario characters and power-ups, you can combine them with the colourful background to come up with your own Paper Mario adventures. And with only 10,000 sticker books available for the whole of Europe, you can truly consider yourself a sticker star if you manage to get one!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star launches across Europe on 7th December 2012, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

Please note: One gift per registered copy of "Paper Mario: Sticker Star". Registration to Club Nintendo required; please see www.club-nintendo.com for terms and conditions. To qualify for the Paper Mario: Sticker Star sticker book, users must register their copy of "Paper Mario: Sticker Star" after 8am (UK time) on 7th December, 2012; games registered before this time will not be eligible. This gift is limited to 10,000 pieces and will only be available while stocks last. Successful registrants will be contacted by email with details of how to claim their gift. Any communication regarding this promotion will only be sent to Club Nintendo members who have consented to the receipt of Nintendo's newsletters.


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8 total comments (View all)
No Avatar
03 Dec 2012 16:17

Why can't Nintendo of America give us cool stuff like this? =(
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 16:40

Good thing NOA doesn't do this kind of thing.

A few people winning cards (since apparently all Nintendo can do is make playing cards again) and maybe winning a set of Kid Icarus cards that should just be sold in the first place doesn't cut it guys.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 17:15

Did Europe get the Zelda soundtrack?
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 17:17

I live in Europe, but I saw this game today in the store and I bought it. Good thing I haven't registered my copy yet, because you have to register after the launch.

Nintendo of Europe had a similar Club Nintendo promotion a while back. Nintendo gave special leather sleeves away to the first 5000 people who registered "Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask". I really wanted that bonus, so I registered the game as fast as I could, only to find out that I registered the game to early. This would mean that I was disqualified from this promotion. I send an E-Mail to Nintendo and explained my situation. Nintendo didn't reply on my E-Mail, but I did get a message from Nintendo that I actually was eligible for the bonus. Thank you Nintendo. I will not make this stupid mistake again.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 17:19

@Autosaver You mean the Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack? Yes.
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 18:59

Will this registration period last through Christmas then ya think [cos that's when I'll be getting my copy]?
User avatar
03 Dec 2012 20:57

LinkMaster111 wrote:Why can't Nintendo of America give us cool stuff like this? =(

they did but very limited and secretly. someone sold two of them on ebay.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 01:45

At least one store here in Chile gave these with the first run of the game. I got one. :P

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