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Reggie on Wii U day 1 update, critics, Miiverse hiccups, learning as they go, Nintendo TVii

The following comments come from Reggie Fils-Aime...

Why there was a day-one update...

"Nintendo developers want to make sure that the very best product is available to consumers. That creates a dynamic where our developers are working on elements until the very last point possible. That's why the system update was required on Day One - and this is quite similar to what's happened with other consumer electronic products."

- update will be built into firmware at a later date

On reviews of the system thus far...

"Reviews of a system or review of a game really come down to the quality and capability of the reviewer. There has been a range of comments and commentary. But when I go on Miiverse and see how consumers are reacting to games like ZombiU or … Call of Duty, that tells me we're doing something very, very positive. Similarly, when I go on other consumer social networks and see other consumer reaction that is positive, I know we've done well."

On Miiverse hiccups early on...

"Without getting into a lot of technical details, the Miiverse [problem] was not purely driven by capacity. That gives us confidence that come Christmas morning, those servers will not be challenged in the same way. Come Christmas morning, the Wii U will be available globally. We know there will be a lot of consumers utilizing their Wii U for the very first time. So we're working very hard to make sure the initial customer experience is a good one."

On learning and working with the Wii U as more consumers adopt...

"Every time we launch a new system, there are significant challenges. There's everything from supply to making sure the new offering meet our expectations. In the digital, connected services area, much of what we're doing is groundbreaking, so we are having to learn as we go to make sure the consumer has the very best experience possible."

On Nintendo TVii in December...

"On launch day for us, Nintendo TVii wasn't at a point where we wanted it to be. It was not the compelling innovative product we wanted it to be and we needed it to be."


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8 total comments (View all)
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 06:07

Let's hope they continue to inprove on an already great product

I'm loving my WiiU to death and I'm really enjoying the community aspect as well. Continue to make magic Nintendo.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 06:33

Wii U is quickly becoming one of my favorite systems of all time. When the next Zelda or 3D Mario hits, the Wii U may just move into the top three for me. If Smash Bros. turns out perfectly, it might just end up being my favorite ever!
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 06:34

Wii U has an enormous potential. Since it just launched, there isn't that much stuff available, and particularily in this case, there isn't much announced after the launch period. But hopefully, we'll get more info soon. I've had a lot of fun in multiplayer with both Nintendo Land and NSMBU. I might get ZombiU as well.

I can see how this is revolutionnaty for multiplayer games. What I really want to see is how single-player games are going to use the second screen.

Concerning improvements, there are a lot of little stuff to fix here and there. But Miiverse especially is quite an achievement when you see Nintendo and Hatena started from scratch on this.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 07:18

Once I've gotten over my initial hurdle with the Wii U - the utter lack of any user testing with connecting to wifi networks - I was fine.

Loading each system 'app' took about 10 seconds [not a deal-breaker for me, but something optimization will surely halve, at least]- but Miiverse wasn't anywhere near as slow as people had been saying on message boards [like here and GAF] to me. It was all quite smooth and responsive I felt.

Nintendo TVii I presume isn't a Christmas gift for us in the UK and Europe. I wonder then... will we get an update at all this month then? :?
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 09:15

No date for TVii? *shrug* that means probably at the end of the month or even more delayed
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 13:33

WiiU has potential for a lot of interesting ideas (some of which, like Miiverse, have already proven themselves to be compelling), but is hindered by basic technical incompetence. Obnoxious load times, the poor awkward UI, and the f***-ton of bugs... yeah, that's.. that's not okay.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 14:57

I think people are overly sensitive. Sometimes Reggie blows smoke, but I'm this case he's got a point. The launch "hurdles" we're pretty minuscule on the consumer side. I unboxed it on the 18th, ran the update and was playing games right away. I guess we just love in a "now" culture and instant gratification is never instant enough.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:24

This has such potential and can't wait for the groundbreaking 1st party stuff as always!

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