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Europe - Wario Land 3 hitting 3DS VC this week

Once again, greed has got the better of Wario. Trapped inside a mystical music box, Wario must find a way to break free... while grabbing all the loot he can find along the way, of course!

Wario Land 3 is a huge platform adventure with day and night versions of each level, 100 treasures to discover, plus bags of secrets and the typically wacky Wario humour!
Wario can also gain new abilities like Electric Wario, Invisible Wario, Vampire Wario and more. There's even a Time Attack Mode and a golf minigame to discover!

Check out a trailer here (thanks Vernon!)

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User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:08

Well that's good news!

EDIT: I guess I didn't realise this was for Europe. Oh well, I guess we can expect NOA to release it the Thursday after never.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:12

This only means that it is coming to Europe's 3DS services. I have not seen anything to let us know that USA will be getting it any time soon. But this at least confirms that I will most likely be able to have all 4 on my 3DS sometime in the future.
No Avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:23

Yeah, NA doesn't even have Wario Land 2 yet...I was a bit confused. The extremely slow pace of VC releases on the 3DS is even more frustrating than it was on the Wii...
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:24

I was going to say Wario Land 2 doesn't hit till the 20th in America, that would have been quite odd!

Hope we can get Wario Land III in America some time before July 2013.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 15:45

Considering I still got 10€ loaded, passed on Fallblox/Crashmo and CaveStory Super Redux Mark III Edition is nowhere near in sight - nice surprise. Never owned WL2 and 3 myself back then and already enjoyed revisiting WL2. Would love to see the Oracle Zeldas next please, Nintendo.
User avatar
04 Dec 2012 18:11

I can't wait till we (North America) get Wario Land 2...and 3...and save states for 4.

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