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Nintendo steps up their digital manuals with Wii U

We've seen digital manuals from Nintendo for awhile now, but they've given the design a bit of an overhaul on Wii U. While the manuals for most games might look the same at first glad, they're a lot more interactive now. Hit up the link below to find out just what you can do!

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05 Dec 2012 17:15

Yes, but do their manuals actually detail the Assist Mode in Nintendoland single-player attractions, or do you still have to fumble your own way through?
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 17:39

Ha ha! NO. These digital manuals are atrocious. Hard to look through, poorly laid out, ugly, and overall unhelpful. They're just like the 3DS digital manuals except bigger and with clumsy hotlinks.

I looked through the Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed one to see how to play solely on the gamepad and couldn't find it. I accidentally discovered the method, though.

Instead of being handy digital manuals handy at all times, Nintendo basically told everyone to not even bother making manuals. Thanks a lot, Nintendo.

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