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User avatar
05 Dec 2012 16:42

damn it, Rich George. ZombiU is clearly a nominee
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 17:05

ZombiU is almost clearly a winner
No Avatar
05 Dec 2012 17:47

Very surprised ZombiU and Rhythm Heaven Fever weren't included.
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 18:00

Why no ZombiU? It's a zombie game that's actually atmospheric and scary.
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 18:02


They probably didn't play it. IGN is it's own virus, and if one guy in the office manages to put in a bad word, it prevents the others from playing it.
No Avatar
05 Dec 2012 18:07

Yes. While CoD is a great game ZombiU needs to be up there.
User avatar
05 Dec 2012 22:40

Really, IGN? CoD over ZombiU or Sonic Racing Transformed? I'm not saying CoD id a bad game or anything but I got way more enjoyment out of the latter two. Personally, my favorites were Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii/U), KI: Uprising (3/DS).
No Avatar
06 Dec 2012 05:45

A Wii/Wii U category....with no mention of Xenoblade.


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