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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D seeing updated budget re-release in Japan

- Best Price budget package
- release on Dec. 13
- also hitting eShop on Dec. 27
- players can now start a new game
- Revelations demo has been removed

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!


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User avatar
06 Dec 2012 05:42

Fun game, but that budget price is necessary. Maybe I can hop back online again.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 06:28

Hahaha. What an update. a basic feature is reinstated.

Would prefer if they just made a new mercenaries game with a full on survival mode, story mode, new characters (where is leon??) and use of the RE:R engine.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 06:45

I would actually buy the new version if it's realeased at a real budget price. I mean 30€ on a system where a lot of games are 40 is not what I call budget price. But nothing has been announced this far so we'll see.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 08:22

I want this for like $10 on the eshop. It's not worth more than that.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 09:45

Does Mercenaries 3D support the circle pad pro?
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 14:37


Unless this updated version does, the original does not.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 20:17

Bad choice of capcom for the saves for the retail version "arcade experience" my a$$.

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