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EoD - Splatoon quiet

Does your Wii U sound like it's out to kill you? This one certainly does

This has happened twice to Brandon. It only happens after closing out of software. Once the system resets, all goes back to normal.

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06 Dec 2012 15:16

The prophecy was right.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:16

my Wii makes this noise now didnt start until i bought a wiiu.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:16

... it sounds like a Reaper
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:36

Wow. That's pretty scary.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:46

Its ALIENS I tells ya! (O_O)
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:49

This happened to me twice as well! The first time it happened when I finished saving on ZombiU, and the second time when I quit from FIFA 13! I hope this can be fixed with a system update...
No Avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:52


I'm going to hide now.
But in all seriousness, it's probably just a bad sound chip. He should play the sound to Nintendo Customer Support over the phone, lol
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:53

Damnit. You used the All Spark on it, didn't you?
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 16:12

All your base are belong to us! ;)
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06 Dec 2012 16:12

Damn, i gotta get a Wiiu now
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06 Dec 2012 16:30

@ShaanyboiThat is exactly what it sounds like, goddamn.
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06 Dec 2012 17:07

Thankfully I haven't heard this scary sound yet, but i just had my wii u do a hard freeze (where you have to unplug the wii U) with a loud buzzing noise for the first time last night - *after* having done the second system update earlier in the week.
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06 Dec 2012 22:31



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07 Dec 2012 02:08

Somehow this reminds me of Berzerk. The humanoid must not escape!

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