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No more DLC for Mutant Mudds, Mutant Mudds 2 could have fully 3D worlds

A portion of a Gimme Gimme Games interview with Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham...

Gimme Gimme Games: Is there anymore DLC planned for Mutant Mudds for any of the platforms it is available on?

Jools: “As of now, the only new content planned for Mutant Mudds is unique content for Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Wii U. Next up will be Mutant Mudds 2!”

Gimme Gimme Games: How is Mutant Mudds 2 progressing? Will it release on all of the platforms the original game did, and if so will they all release at the same time?

Jools: “That is to be determined. We’re a small team, so we have to plan carefully.”

Gimme Gimme Games: Are you open to the idea of a Mutant Mudds game with full 3D worlds now that the first game has been successful?

Jools: “Maybe. :) ”

Full interview here

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User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:22

You mean like a 3D platformer :O
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 15:46


Yeah, like how it was originally going to be:


But I'd still prefer a 2D sequel, as we know it's a winning formula. A 3D platformer is so easy to screw up...
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 16:37

Ugh... that ruins all the charm of the original game. Keep it nice and hand-drawn 2D, please!
No Avatar
06 Dec 2012 16:49

Jools, please keep it 2D! :)

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