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Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney set for localization next year?

This blurb comes from a VG247 feature that includes an interview with Level-5's Akihiro Hino...

Thankfully Hino seemed much happier to discuss the studio’s incoming releases – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney – due for release on PS3 and 3DS next year respectively.

Certainly sounds like localization talk to me. Let's hope this feature has its info straight!


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06 Dec 2012 17:36

Please please please please please.
No Avatar
06 Dec 2012 17:37

It sounds like it's just VG247 assuming it will come next year. Hino doesn't actually say anything like that.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 19:14

There's really no reason to believe it won't be coming, but this is reassuring to hear. All you have to do is follow the trends of Layton releases and it becomes pretty clear that Layton vs Ace Attorney will be 2013's Layton game in the West, with Azran Legacies being 2014's. They're not going to want to drop their momentum right before the final entry. Plus there's the fact that fans of both series are positively clamoring for this game and it won that poll Level-5 ran about localization by a landslide.
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 19:21

I'm certain it will come over, Level-5 just takes a long time with their localizations.

Totally ready to welcome Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney into my 3DS collection next year. :D
User avatar
06 Dec 2012 22:34

PS3? I Understand a 3DS outing, but why PS3? Neither series has hit the platform.
No Avatar
07 Dec 2012 02:41

MegaMan64 wrote:PS3? I Understand a 3DS outing, but why PS3? Neither series has hit the platform.

Read more closely, the PS3 comment is aimed at Ni No Kuni.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 09:44

Great news! Please please please please...

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