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Dragon Quest VII - more details

- visible enemy encounters
- being able to spot monsters allows you to avoid them
- unique enemy actions, where every type of monster will have their own attacks and characteristics
- revamped the battle scene backgrounds
- revised fighting animation
- enemy types detailed:

Hell Baom - This Ochu (Malboro)-esque monster has been terrorizing a town for a while. It uses its thorny tentacle vines to destroy its surroundings.

Time Master - A manipulator of time who fights alongside his underling "Makimaki". He’ll have the ability to rewind the fight! Sounds like it could be a very tedious encounter.

Barikunaja – Powerful Minotaur monster. He uses his big body and strength to deal heavy damage to all his opponents.


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User avatar
06 Dec 2012 22:32

Sounds great. DQVIII is the only dragon quest I ever loved and with numerous failed attempts tried to recapture that magic. Due to technology alone and these similar features I hope this remake can give me that same feeling again!
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 06:34

Great news about monsters on the field. Much more in line with DQ IX. I love the series, but its okay to evolve it.

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