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Nine Signs That Video Games Grew Up a Bit in 2012

Some people think that games are nothing but sex and violence. To be fair, a lot of that content does prevail, but that doesn't mean that's all the industry has to offer! There's a ton of content that tries to push video games forward as a medium. Here are some of the companies, games and ideas that helped gaming grow up in 2012.

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07 Dec 2012 15:48

You know, in the fifties and sixties, American Sci-Fi had a utopian vision of the future. In the seventies, it had a dystopian vision of the future. In a way, the utopian vision was childish, BUT so was the dystopian vision.

I haven't played an AC game, but I'm getting that vibe from the way Kotaku describes it. "No sir, not one of those RAH RAH, YAY AMERICA games!" Such-and-such story doesn't portray something as A. It portrays A prime, therefore it's better, and therefore it's more sophisticated.

It doesn't help that Kotaku is laughable stepping out of what it finds comfortable, which is showing off cosplay of anime characters.

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