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Devil Survivor 2 homepage teases new project

Something Devil Survivor 2 is going on. The official homepage has the teaser above currently displayed. Looks like a reveal is set to happen soon. Let's hope this involves the 3DS somehow!


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07 Dec 2012 16:52

i could be wrong, but I think this is about the anime adaptation set to release next year
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07 Dec 2012 17:25

Anime project, tho a 3DS version wouldve been cool, but I'll be happy to settle with DS version as I don't want to wait another 15 months for a 3DS version (Overclocked will finally be available in euro regions in Feb!!)
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07 Dec 2012 17:37

Yeah, it does seem to be the anime project based on DS2 http://kotaku.com/5966503/

I do hope that a DS2 Overclocked for the 3DS comes soon! I would definitely like both on the 3DS!

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