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No Avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:12

I had no idea what that blue guy was supposed to be, then I guess he was a Slime. There's an article in there for him standing in line for DQX as well.


The link is the same site.
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:14

The line begins where sanity ends
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:26

Is he playing a US wii U while in line for japanese Wii U? Real fan right there :)
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:29

The return of blue slime man :)
No Avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:39

Time to get there!
1 1/2 hours until opening...
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 17:44

WOW! You can just see the excitement these fans have! Look at them going wild, passionate for a new console with a new way of interacting with their games! I'm sure Nintendo is going to place the same amount of hype and spectacular presentation during the night prior to launch like in NYC!

... It's always funny hearing how cultures on the other side of the pond just look at the passion of the US fans in their excitement and thinking how it is too much :P
User avatar
07 Dec 2012 22:32

Well look at that, it's Waluigi.

Major respect from me.

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