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Thanks to Sean for the heads up!

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10 Dec 2012 14:56

weeeeeelp, I know what I'm about to get!
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 14:57

I'd be more excited about this if I didn't buy it back when it came out on VC.

Also, what's up with being available until January 6th?

We've been having a streak of 2 weeks per Wii and 3DS game, so it should end Dec. 30th.

Are they changing it up? Or maybe adding Wii U games to the mix? I doubt it since there aren't that many. Hmm..
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 15:04

id be nice if the surveys would work.. im just a few coins away from getting this
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 16:38

@MoldyClay Probably just cause holiday season can be really busy for alot of people for different reasons to have free time to even know about it.

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