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No Avatar
10 Dec 2012 22:51

Very cool! Anyone know if that's an actual photo or a mockup?
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 23:00

That looks really cool. It's odd that they didn't make the controller skin look like an NES controller instead of the system though.
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 23:23


With the dozens of patterns on the site and each image of the system in the exact same position, it would have to be a mock up.
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 23:44

Haha, that's the same style of skin I had on my Wii. I might at some point get one for the Wii U, but right now I like the way it looks.
User avatar
10 Dec 2012 23:48

God damn that is a crapton of skins. And to think I thought my Wii would be the only one with a skin.

User avatar
10 Dec 2012 23:49

Oh my... I really really like it.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 00:14

I would buy the console skin pending some actual photos. If it looks sleek I'd so get it
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 01:45

Looks kinda lazy to me. Not very polished at all (the "Retro" logo for example is way too much to the side and in the console too close to the power button). Why? Probably because the same decal was used for other devices with very little changes, thus the placements are off. Also, why the same skin for the controller, you'd think they'd use the NES controller as a reference? I'm all for cool skins but this just reeks of the case of quantity over quality and easy cash-grab.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 03:30

Dang I want this really bad, too bad i already got a silicone jacket for my gamepad at gamestop, sigh if only ive seen this a week ago.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 12:30

It would be cool if they had a SNES one and a Nintendo 64 one as well.

I would not use it tho.

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