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Yoshi Looks So Weird without a Nose

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The Professor Layton Movie is a Fun-Filled Adventure from Beginning to End

Flashback: This new Tetris game “lacks the guns…and mayhem that appeal to young connoisseurs of American entertainment software.”

Aliens: Colonial Marines Will Make You Jump at Every Freakin’ Shadow You See

Samuel L. Jackson Says He Likes Assassin’s Creed Better Than Pong

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No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 15:53

Yoshi looks like character from Fraggle Rock.
No Avatar
11 Dec 2012 16:32

Name a character who wouldn't look weird without their nose.
User avatar
11 Dec 2012 22:35

Spoiler alert on the Layton vs. PW video in terms of revealing a culprit. I'm officially backing off now no matter how long the localization wait takes. :(
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 06:45

DragonGirl wrote:Name a character who wouldn't look weird without their nose.

Voldemort :wink:

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