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12 Dec 2012 05:44

That was pretty well made. Chun Li looked pretty accurate, but Tifa didn't remind me of Tifa in any way. If I had watched this not knowing what it was I would have just thought it was Chun Li vs. some random chick. I would have to say that wouldn't really be a fair fight though, Tifa could just summon Bahamut or something.
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12 Dec 2012 06:16

A real Chunner would've air grabbed or jumping aerial'd that Tifa intro.

lol Jokes aside, this was amazing and very nice to see.
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12 Dec 2012 08:26

Eh, Tifa doesn't look anything like that, and where the hell is the Knights of the Round finisher? I give it a 3 out of 10. I've seen way better fights... just animation so you can actually do their moves correctly.
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12 Dec 2012 14:07

Chun Li was portrayed far better. That Tifa chick was kind of random... but pretty good production value nonetheless.

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