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12 Dec 2012 05:43

I see, it's exactly like the Axe version of SA. Hopefully it'll help familiarize players with heavy weapon types and allow people the flexibility of two weapons. The Glowing Vial seems quite prominent as well and I can see that making players more cognizant on when they're able to switch. I wonder will there be an added benefit of it acting as a torch (probably not).
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12 Dec 2012 09:46

I'm looking forward to this. I want MHU Wii U AND DS as well, just for the cross play s***s and play-it-every-chance-you-get giggles, plus the option to control with the DS in multi is, well, it's about time. I am liking the look of 4 though, and I hope Wii U gets a bit more love if MHU does well.
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12 Dec 2012 10:59

It's even better than I thought, just wish it was video though

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