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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Are Wii U loading times bothering you?

Pretty sure I have a sinus infection. All the symptoms match up. Time for me to get a humidifier and kick this thing's ass! I'm tired of sounding like I'm talking with a bubble in my throat. The road to good health starts tomorrow! See you in a few, short hours.

I like to think that I'm a pretty patient, easy-going guy. I make it a point to not let things get to me. There's plenty to be legitimately upset about out there, but there are millions of other things that are just minor annoyances. I take them as they come, take a deep breath and move past them.

That applies to all areas in my life, so I guess it's part of my experience with the Wii U as well. Yes, I have noticed that the Wii U loading times aren't exactly the best. I'm aware that it may take 20 secs or more to get from one screen to another. I also understand that this is not optimal by any means.

Personally, this menu shift time doesn't really bug me that much. With that said, I do understand how it irks people. You want to sit down and play a game, not sit down and wait to shift through menus. Little frustrations like these can add up and quickly sour an overall experience, creating an invisible barrier for entry that's hard to break down.

I thought I'd ask you guys and gals about the loading times on Wii U. How much do you find them to be a bother? Do they really get your blood boiling, or is it simply something you'd like to see sped up a bit? Could you live with things if the speeds stayed as they are for the rest of the system's life? Leave a comment and fill us in.

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User avatar
12 Dec 2012 12:59

Not an issue. I love my Wii U. :D
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 13:06

For me the thing that bothers me the most is Wii Mode. The 3DS is light years beyond what the WiiU as far as downloads go. On the 3DS you can purchase DSiWare right through the eShop right along side the 3DS downloads and Virtual Console games. The WiiU however only allows you to download WiiWare and VC games in Wii Mode, a whole separate mode that takes forever to start and limits your data to that of the Wii. I thought one day we would get games like Donkey Kong 64 and various others that, due to the limitations of the Wii setup, were not able to play on Wii. To play a Wii Ware or VC game on the WiiU takes forever! First you gotta go into the Wii Mode, find a controller and hope it connects right away then click ok, Second you wait for the precautions screen, third once that appears hit A, fourth click on the SD card and wait for it to load, and fifth find the game you want to play, click on it and wait some more for it to load to the system memory. This is WAAAAYYYY to tedious! Wouldn't it be better to have all WiiWare and VC right on the WiiU home menu and prompt for a Wiimote before it brings it up? Wouldn't it be better if all WiiWare and VC were available on the eShop for a more robust shopping experience? Games that use Miis could automatically create a close Mii to your newest one so you wouldnt have a need to have Wii Mode. I guess what I am saying is that I am extremely disappointed by Wii mode.
No Avatar
12 Dec 2012 13:08

Not really.
But going from a game to Miiverse (to post a screenshot) and back into the game should take less time. Loading times for games and apps are less important to me.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 13:18

On games? Not really, not that I've experienced.

On apps? It's totally ridiculous...
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 13:54

I actually don't have the major problem with the load times because when your in the games/apps they don't load anywhere near as slow. Sure this is a change from previous Nintendo products but considering the load times on PS3/360 when they first came out (ugh sliders) I'm not really phased.
No Avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:00

Sometimes I feel that they should load everything up during boot-up. I do find it pretty hard to believe that Miiverse has to take that long to load up when it's more like a browser based app. The internet browser is pretty blazing fast so that's cool. Load times on games are good too. It's just the app to app experience that can be troublesome.

I noticed in some videos posted online about the update that some people got a 546 MB update while others got a 614 MB update (or some approximate amount). So, what's up with that? Why are some of us missing an extra 50+ MBs of information? Is that where the fast loading time part of the update is? Cause I updated my Wii U but my load speeds haven't even budged so I'm pretty disappointed about that...
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:12

It does bother me some, but I know it will get better. I have a bit of hope that they will have something rolled out by XMas morning to improve things a little bit
No Avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:21

Not as annoyed as people still predicting Nintendo's doom and that third parties will not support the console except for shoddy ports, and especially when the "real" next generation consoles arrive.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:23

I'm like you RMC. I try not to let things like that bother me. But since I'm so used to the short load times of all Nintendo's other consoles, it does stick out. It's like playing a PS1 when your used to the N64. Hopefully, it gets better.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:25

not having any problems with my wii-u's load time. im in no hurry.. hell, ive played and enjoyed skyrim and those were some RIDICULOUS load times.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:30

The Vita has sillier load times in places, and restrictions to the system that only Nintendo ever gets put down for, but nobody cares. I wonder why that is. No I don't. It says "Sony" on the front.

My Wii-U doesn't take nearly as long as I've been hearing, especially to start up. The Wii took three times longer to boot into the system menu. It'll get better with time. Nintendo won't leave it this way.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:31

It's definitely annoying, but I'm not crying about it or anything. I have faith they'll improve on it in later updates.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:32

I'm too hopelessly in love with my Wii U to be troubled by these things at the moment.

The people who are bothered by it have been extremely vocal about it, so I'd image Nintendo are scrambling to sort it out so they'll shut up :)
No Avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:46

before the second update it was to slow but after that I'm fine with it.

i think it time it will get better so I'm good for now.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 14:57

The load times never take long enough that they annoy me, and I can be an impatient guy sometimes.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 15:20

I don't hate the loading times, I hate that Nintendo took the time to put things like the boring "Please Wait" screens. The 3DS has loading times, but it has the 3DS logo pulsing. If they styled things up a bit, people wouldn't complain since things are happening on screen. Nintendo just made it look worse than it should.
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 16:20

The only loading time I found annoying was entering (Notifications) before the update. Everything else loaded at a fine pace for me. :)
User avatar
12 Dec 2012 16:56

it can be annoying sometimes, especially when some OS apps still take 20 seconds to load. i wonder if it has anything to do with DRM/hack prevention measures. You can easily hack a wii to play homebrew and a snes emu in less than 5min just by going to a website that sends ur wii an email that takes advantage of a program oversight, so maybe they've gone overboard on the wii u with encryprtion/decryption and constant secrity checking and handshaking, turning what should have been an instantly responsive, iOS like experience (at least speedwise) into something even worse (at times) than the slow, draconian PS Vita OS. They should fix it. I'd even pay $20 for an external memory module (if theres an expansion /accessory port on the wii u) if that would enable the wii u to keep the entire OS loaded and on call.

i'd have thought that Nintendo would produce a lightning fast, super lean OS with low level coding to harness every bit of speed available without much memory overhead. then again, nintendo used to be known for using tiny save files that assigned meaning to every single bit in a variable. but now the save files are getting huge. maybe they have a less technical team overall now (more c ++ programmers who aren't good with assembly language) and they are getting more lax since they are strggling to grow their teams and to bring everyone up to speed (an effort that could take years to realize, even after hiring many new people.)
No Avatar
12 Dec 2012 21:46

Something odd is going on. I can accept somebody saying that the load times don't bother them. Fine. More zen for you.

But people are saying the load times are only "a few seconds." That's different than being at peace with the kind of speed I expected from PCs in the mid 90s.

I'd LOVE to see some Youtube evidence of this. I see two possibilities: A) some people are lying, or B) some Wii Us really ARE much quicker. I'd like to understand why, if it's B.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 04:49

not at all! seriously it's not that long
No Avatar
13 Dec 2012 08:42

thorn-rock wrote:not at all! seriously it's not that long
But when you say that, are you implying it's just as long as the lady in the Youtube, but that you're okay with that, or are you stating that for you it's actually quicker than the lady in the Youtube?
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 15:45

kevynwight wrote:
thorn-rock wrote:not at all! seriously it's not that long
But when you say that, are you implying it's just as long as the lady in the Youtube, but that you're okay with that, or are you stating that for you it's actually quicker than the lady in the Youtube?

I don't know which loading do you want me to test? If you tell me I can give it a try.
No Avatar
13 Dec 2012 19:54

A good indicator would probably be to test it against the Japanese woman "raging" (not really) youtube. She goes into System Settings, waits, then hits back and waits. There's a counter on the screen of the video too. I did both tests twice and I'm about a half second quicker going into settings and a whole second slower going back to the menu.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsErwrdA ... r_embedded
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 21:36

If it was $100 I could live with it. At $300 the competition blows it away. Nintendos programmers should be ashamed of themselves for releasing garbage like this. I know I would, if I let such shoddy work go out the door.
User avatar
14 Dec 2012 00:48

This is something that updates can hopefully fix! :D

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