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Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Wii U boxart, tentative release date

FutureShop currently has Need for Speed: Most Wanted hitting Wii U on March 12th, 2013. We'll have to wait for EA to give an official comment on this one.


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13 Dec 2012 14:48

I hope this comes as soon as possible. Great game.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 15:12

played it on the playstation. i liked it a lot.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 16:08

Been holding out for the Wii U version, I hope it comes with added things that would justify the $60 purchase. (Or just price it as much as the other versions on release. Sidenote - this will never happen.)
No Avatar
13 Dec 2012 17:00

After playing the demo, I did enjoy it. I'll be holding out for the Wii U version though, also with added content hopefully.

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