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Archie says Mega Man/Sonic comic crossover success could pave the way for more collabs

A portion of an IGN interview with Archie's Executive Director of Editorial and writer Ian Flynn and Paul Kaminski...

IGN: If this proves successful, can we expect more crossover in the future?

Flynn: I'd like to think so. I hope it opens new doors, too. Sonic and Mega Man are great heroes, and there's plenty of other videogame heroes out there they could adventure with.

Kaminski: The “wouldn’t it be cool if” moments of today are the comic book crossovers of tomorrow – so I very much look forward to our next challenge! I know I personally won’t be satisfied until I’m editing the comic in which Samus and Link square off!

Full interview here

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User avatar
13 Dec 2012 22:31

Ohoho! That excites me! I can't wait till those two worlds collide
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 23:01

How do i subscribe? I cant find info on the archie comic site.
User avatar
13 Dec 2012 23:02

I like his resolve, but that may not be the best pair...?

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