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Digital Foundry examines Rayman Legends, impressed by its tech

Overall, we came away impressed by this demo - it looks beautiful, the production values are superb, it plays to the strengths of the host hardware, and it showcases a range of lovely ideas.

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14 Dec 2012 16:18

Shame on you, Mario.
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14 Dec 2012 16:27

I played this at a local gamestop. Even my graphics-whore brother was impressed
No Avatar
14 Dec 2012 17:20

hcpina wrote:Shame on you, Mario.

I agree. Nintendo really dropped the ball this time.
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14 Dec 2012 17:33

Nintendo is too attached to the style of Mario. I could possibly see them making a Wario game in this style though.
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15 Dec 2012 05:44

I will contest there's still more they could do to spruce up 2D mario, but honestly I'm completely happy with how NSMBU looks. These new Rayman titles are good games but the platforming isn't anywhere near as tight as a Mario game, with the edges of platforms being such detailed objects it can be hard to know precisely where the edge collision is. If NSMBU's platforms and artwork were as busy as this, it wouldn't be able to play how it does, the pixel precise nature of the gameplay would be muddled.

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