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Japan - Mega Man 25th anniversary leads to digital sales

3DS Virtual Console

- Mega Man 1 through 6 are on sale
- 20% off


- Mega Man 9 and 10
- 20% off


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User avatar
16 Dec 2012 21:08

20% off!? How generous!!!
It's not like PSN has had MM 9+10+all the DLC (using that term loosely since all the "dlc" is already in the file you download and you are only paying for an unlock code) for $9.99 (or less) forever now! Capcom and Nintendo are the epitome of human compassion and generosity.
User avatar
16 Dec 2012 22:19

megaman's 25th anniversary is sad. instead of getting a compilation game, remake, or new game to celebrate his 25th, they decided to discount his digital games
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 12:02

Mega Man's 25th Anniversary is more like a funeral or a memorial than a anniversary.

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