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- free-roaming side-scroller
- retro-styled visuals
- underwater setting
- play as a squid finding its way through a vast ocean
- avoid obstacles and hazards
- move past certain roadblocks by returning to them once you have the right power-up
- swim by pressing A or B
- deadly red spikes from Cave Story line the game's corridors
- acquire a pointy hat that allows you to break blocks and spear enemies from beneath
- later power-up called the compressor enables you to make a dashing movement
- level-up system that allows you to grow in power as you collect experience points
- each new level you earn nets you additional maximum health and makes your attacks more powerful
- encounter a room filled with experience-giving fish
- a sign outside warns not to enter on pain of instant death
- if you enter, the door closes behind you, blocked by spikes
- due out within the next month on the eShop, with the DSiWare version following shortly thereafter
- $5 asking price


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17 Dec 2012 15:12

Love the $5, but I still wanna know when it comes out.

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