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EoD - Splatoon quiet

Toki Tori 2 - a few more details

- abilities include a butt-stomp and singin
- use these to interact with the world's animals
- stomping repels animals or otherwise causes them to lose their grip on walls
- Singing attracts them
- use hermit crabs living in boxes to scuttle along and create platforms
- use a bird to carry yourself to a high cliff guarded by deadly, light-averse masks
- your bird helper ends up dying because of the masks
- if you first coax a second bird to grab a firefly before hitching a ride with your companion, the firefly's light will stun the masks and allow both carrier birds to travel safely to their nests
- this unlocks a new pathway
- no tutorials or explanatory text
- learn key mechanics through observation
- 100% completion unlocks a special feature that, in the words of the developers, is "game-breaking"


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