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Thanks to all that sent this in!

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17 Dec 2012 15:38

The unfortunate and annoying thing here is:

- Mario Party 2 and I'm pretty sure Twin-Bee have already been on here.
- Metroid 2 was already on here as a Platinum Reward option.

I also already have MP2 (got via CN), 1080 (bought, and will be on there for longer than usual), and Metroid 2 (bought) and don't want Twin Bee.

Obviously, I am not always going to get what I want, but I find it extremely annoying that all 3 of these are repeat offenders. If you're going to do THREE, have at least one or two be something NEW.
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 15:43

This is great news, these games are one of the best games that came out from Nintendo's game catalog, its great that we are getting quality instead of quantity.
I can't wait to tell my friends about these downloads, most of then have yet to play any of these games and now they can have a chance too...
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 15:55

@Moldy Clay

I think you are thinking of Xevious which was offered as a downloadable reward back when they first started the program. Twinbee I have been keeping an eye on, and it has only appeared as of now as a reward. Though I might of missed it before too, I am not completely sure.
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 15:55

If TwinBee was at least 50 coins less, then maybe I would consider it. Already have the other two, and does this means they're not going to put up any more games until next year?
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 16:00

To those questioning TwinBee's coinage or it even being offered, I personally consider it the best in the 3D Classics lineup by far. And this is one who got pretty limited milage out of Xevious.

User avatar
17 Dec 2012 16:04

Yeah pretty sure Twinbee isn't old, we've had Xevious before like InfinityKnight said, but that's it.

I'm pretty interested in checking out Twinbee, I always considered buying it but never did.
User avatar
17 Dec 2012 16:58

Finally I can get Twin-Bee! :)

Now I just need 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure to be offered and my life will be complete.

User avatar
17 Dec 2012 21:04

Already got Metroid 2 as a platinum reward but I'll definitely grab the other 2 :)

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