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17 Dec 2012 23:44

voice chat is being added and should be available in a later update
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18 Dec 2012 00:15

@LegendofSantiago. Sure is. I honestly completely disagree with her. Puzzles may be time consuming and difficult as poop but they are gratifying to solve and the fact that u can jerry rig up a solution makes it fun to see how many ways u can solve a puzzle. But its an opinionated thing really.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 01:24

lol, the game got an 8.5 when it was reviewed previously. Different people can have different opinions but the score is the basis for an entire site. I find a 2.0 difference to be pretty harsh considering it is the same, if not improved, game.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 01:31

GameSpot is still being linked? I didn't think people even thought GameSpot was a serious site, after they review a game that has the tag line, "How long will you survive" and say it should be an action game instead.

Same with IGN. Let's just slap scores on games, and call it a "review".
No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 05:13

Well their complaints sound reasonable. A beautiful looking game, but from what I see I'd get bored very quickly.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 06:25

Now i remember why i stopped visiting GS.
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18 Dec 2012 10:38

These guys totally doesn't know what they are doing... they are criticizing a puzzle platformer because it's a puzzle platformer... Puzzles can take a long time to figure out... or maybe you'll find different and easier ways to solve that puzzles so they suck, and are boring... this is not an action game with blood and boobs... and since it is on the wii u, let's give it a 6.5...
damn, they didn't even talked about the controls so there's no fu***ng reason to give it a lower score since they gave this game an 8.5 when it was released for the xbox, ps3, pc and mac... when they reviewed that, the only thing that they said it wasn't good was the "unremarkable story" which Is something that doesn't really matter for this kind of game... it would be fun if it was more interesting, but when you are listening to the music, listening to the narrators voice and solving those puzzles... you just want to keep playing and finish the game.
Then, the same review but for the wii u version of the game says the puzzles sucks... when it was actually praised for it's accessible platforming and fun puzzles... They didn't even talked about the button mapping, neither talked about the update that includes voice chat and the pro controller support... so this is just BS
I really recommend this game, it's funny how you and your friends can come up with different ways to solve a puzzle, since the game gives you the option to do whatever you want and that's awesome, i never felt the puzzles any easy, neither difficult, since it's like if the game gave you tons of tools to solve a puzzle, then it's up to you how do you solve it, sometimes you'll be killing your self to solve one puzzles before you realized you could do it with other character way quicker. Also it doesn't talk about the hidden potions and stuff... since you can actually skip some puzzles... most of puzzles will end being secret paths or places with hidden potions to level up.
No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 12:53

I guess the game stinks
because the reviewer was
holding his nose while he was talking.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 13:34

thats a girl talking?
No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 14:07

Did Seth Galifianakis do the video review?
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 15:48

That was a pretty good review. I agree with everything she said about the puzzles, but I still love the game.

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