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Enjoy the music of Animal Crossing: New Leaf as you'd hear it in-game

Remember the website we linked you to awhile back that featured Animal Crossing music? The music would play during the appropriate times of the day, as it does in the game? Now that site has added in Animal Crossing: New Leaf tunes. Now you can hear just what it's like to enjoy New Leaf at certain times of the day!

Site here

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18 Dec 2012 15:54

Oh heavens do I love turning this site on for a day while I work.

Makes everything so less hectic and much more serene~
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 19:00

I haven't listened to it in a while, but I have kept it first on my Firefox favorites list. Time to return to it!
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 19:06

I love this site, good to have an excuse to start using it again.
11PM is on now and it is BEAUTIFUL.

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