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Renegade Kid vlog - Happy Holidays! + Random Update...

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No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 15:39

Jools is awesome! I'm guessing GoNintendo is getting the exclusive scoop for Mutant Mudds Deluxe.
No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 16:02

Jools IS awesome. I saw him at PAX and wished I could have went up and said "Hi, thanks for the awesome games," but I was stuck deep in the Kirby bubblegum crowd.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 18:05

So Mutant Mudds Deluxe will be 99 cents right? :)
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 03:39

Wish I could've seen Jools while at PAX. Didn't even know he was there! :(

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