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No Avatar
18 Dec 2012 21:22

that was actually funny.

um yeah, the commercials for wii u are HORRENDOUS. nintendo needs to hire a new company to handle such things.

they need to approach it totally differently. they could really get people excited about it, instead they are literally portraying the wii u as some sort of wii peripheral.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 21:22

Well that was kinda scary but he did do a better job describing the Wii U. Now if only Nintendo would hire Jonathan Homes. Oh, I also enjoyed the debate on who is Shadowwario on last weeks podcast.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 23:31

Perhaps because of Podtoid I found this disappointing.

He's described commercial ideas on there that blow this away.
User avatar
18 Dec 2012 23:48

LOL that was hilarious (and different) The voice was nearly believable! And though it was a spoof still explained the system in more details. I wonder if Tim Curry has seen this!
User avatar
19 Dec 2012 03:02

That guy is so effing annoying.
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 05:32

I think it started great... but kind of went "meh" halfway through.

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