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19 Dec 2012 12:51

By clicking onto this comment section, you have agreed to buy Dragon Quest X when it arrives in the West. Failure to comply will result in lifelong feelings of remorse, shame, musings on "what coulda been" and a slight twitch behind your right eyeball that will never fully go away.
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19 Dec 2012 14:30

@Super Missile

You cant tell The Egg Dawg what to do!
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19 Dec 2012 15:10

I'm looking forward to grabbing this.. on Wii U. I don't see why anyone would buy it on the Wii.

Having said that, I'll have to get a Wii U first.
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19 Dec 2012 16:13

Its the only reason i want a wiiu, so please bring it over nintendo or square-enix

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