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Japan - New Love Plus hitting 3DS eShop

New Love Plus is going to be the next title that makes the jump from 3DS retail to eShop title. The digital version is due out Dec. 27th for 4,800 yen. It seems like New Love Plus is going to be a rather beefy download, asking for 2.4 gigs of space.


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19 Dec 2012 10:27

Please bring this to America!
No Avatar
19 Dec 2012 17:10

I would be surprised if Konami did bring out of Japan. I would buy it though! I would also need to buy a bigger memory card if its that big!
User avatar
20 Dec 2012 08:45

Asking full price on the eShop even after they initially released it as a glitch fest.
Konami is a smart publisher ;)

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